Friday, September 2, 2011

Ridiculous Ads

O.K. - if you have a dog this big, do you really need to spend $50 buying him/her a ramp to climb into your pickup truck??? Seriously?

(Photo: courtesy of Tuesday Morning Indiana ad)

[ I must declare an apology: I didn't even stop to think about dogs who are lame in some way.  Apologies to any dog-owners with pets who struggle to get into a truck.]

This next one had both Bryce and I laughing. Thanks to our patronage at Famous Footwear, we received a magazine called "Mind Body Sole." Within it, we discovered a Puma ad featuring two exercise demonstrations. O.K., I can go along with the first one - Skinny Jean Lunges. But check out the second exercise demonstration called "Walk the Dog."

You probably cannot read the fine print from this picture, but it is ridiculous:

"Step 1 - Grab treats, doggie bags and leash. Secure Hobie for dog of your choosing, holding him tightly with your right hand." (Left hand is apparently poor form.)
Step 2 - Hobie at your side, walk tall, extending your left leg first. (OCD, perhaps)
Step 3 - Keep your core strong, and your pace steady, regardless of doggie distractions.
Step 4 - Don't forget to be responsible and clean up after Hobie."

It is the disclaimer that really clinched it: "Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. And your dog, to discuss preferable walking routes in your neighborhood." (proof-reader desperately needed there, but seriously now - this is ridiculous!)

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Elizabeth A. said...

I thought the dog ramp thing was really silly the first time I saw one at the vet, but they are really handy when your dog gets older and can't jump very well anymore. Getting our arthritic lab into a Jeep Wrangler is challenging these days.

The dog walking thing is just weird.