Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Book Review: Four

I thoroughly enjoyed the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. When I saw another book labelled "A Divergent Collection," I was game. After having read it, however, I'd say this book is not necessary at all. The series stands alone without any assistance from this fourth volume. As another reviewer put it, "This simply feels like author notes from Divergent."

The whole point of this book, Four, is to provide a series of perspective pieces written from the voice of Tobias Eaton, otherwise known as "Four." They cover moments in his life like his transfer, his initiation, and his attempt to warn his father.  Most of these things are already alluded to in the actual series and nothing new is really gained by hearing these events from Four's perspective.

Although I didn't mind immersing myself back into the world of the Divergent series again, it still felt like a book I could have just as easily ignored. If you are a die-hard Divergent fan and can't get enough of the writing, then by all means, pick up this fourth installment. Otherwise, know that you won't really miss anything much if you ignore this book.

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