Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'll Take the Pee Splatters

Last night, at my book club meeting, several of the women began discussing the fine art of teaching your children to take on chores. One woman regaled us with hilarious descriptions of her daughters' slovenly habits. Apparently, their hair bands are strewn around the bathroom and hair clumps are everywhere. Band-aids are dropped wherever they are removed. Recently, the girls came to their mother to complain that the shower wasn't draining. At her wits' end, this mother introduced her daughters to the Zip-It. (I loved that this link showed a line of stockings all filled with Zip-its.) The story was side-splitting as this mother acted out the girls' disdain for the clumps of hairballs they dug out.

As much as I enjoyed the laughter, today I am counting my blessings. Yes, there are pee splatters around my toilets almost constantly, but I'll take that any day over endless clumps of hair and hair accoutrements. Sometimes we mothers-of-boys have to remind ourselves that the drops of urine are easily wiped up quickly with a Clorox wipe! Perhaps my boys' stockings should have been filled with wipes containers and a package of Fruit Loops - the perfect tool for perfecting aim!

Of course, I still need to do a better job of passing on the responsibilities of cleaning the bathrooms (we have FOUR and they tend to all be in use throughout the day). Perhaps if they were required to do the daily Clorox wipe-down, they might work on their aim a bit. Hopefully, they'll learn better aim and cleaning habits before they meet and marry some beautiful, slovenly long-haired beauty ... or they'll both have trouble. Ha!

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