Thursday, July 23, 2015

Anticipating Blessings at CBLI

It's almost here. Central Bible and Leadership Institute. Our annual Bible camp. Even though it spells the end of summer (as the boys go back to school a few days after we return home), we are getting thoroughly excited for our departure.

Click here for a promo video from last year (I'm even in the video at the 1:42 point).

We have learned a few things about what we can anticipate. First off, we are being housed in Sandpiper. Schew! That's a relief. No hassling with shared bathrooms or cots or cramped quarters. Really comfy beds. Perhaps we'll get even luckier and find that our friends, the Carrs, will be in Sandpiper, as well.

My boys are old enough this year that I will probably allow them to wander off for free time on their own. Hmmm - sounds like excellent reading/napping time for me! Two of the Carr boys are close in age to Trevor and Sean and they tend to enjoy hanging out together. (Here's a photo of the four of them together two years ago at CBLI:)

There's so much for them to do - fishing, air-hockey, zip-line, high-ropes, swimming, pontoon and paddle boating, archery, or hanging out at the snack shop.

The boys will both be in the CBLI Kids' Track (Trevor's last year as he will advance to the tween group once he is 11) and they received a letter indicating their theme will be Super Secret Spy Academy. They don't seem too enthralled with the theme, but at least it sounds boy-friendly. The introductory letter included a coded message, which we happily deciphered together while on our ride to the Indiana Dunes this past weekend. They are hoping a lot of their regular CBLI friends return again this year.

The special guests are British. I know, it is the little things in life that thrill me. I am looking forward to excellent teaching with the added plus of a British accent! Moreover, I thought Linda Himes was retiring from her stint as a Precept Bible teacher, but she is back again with another Bible class, so I am rejoicing (since I'm not really eager for leadership training - what used to be no problem for me causes anxiety issues now - it is nice to have a Bible class option available instead of the predominant leadership-oriented ones).

For musical entertainment, on Monday night there will be a concert performed by For King and Country, a highly popular Christian group. I am super stoked about this and sincerely hoping they sing one of my favorites: Shoulders.

I'm a little worried I won't secure a good seat, since I will have to drop the boys off at their class prior to the meeting's start and I'm sure there will be loads of people from the Chicago area who will drive up just for the concert, filling the chapel.

Ever since we moved to Indiana, it has been harder for John to come up to be with us for the final evening. This year, he has decided to brave the almost five hour trip and come up anyway. It will be so fun to have him with us for the completion of camp (this is when the boys get most anxious, missing him and wanting to head home to be with him).

I'm praying for good things to happen this year. I'm wanting my boys to receive further spiritual enrichment and solidification of their relationship with the Lord. I'm seeking a blessing for myself. I'm hoping we return refreshed and energized spiritually and ready to tackle another year of school.

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