Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Book Review: Smile

Even though there's nothing really special about the cover to this book, I found it very inviting. I actually came across the sequel to this, Sisters, before I discovered Smile. But, as usual, I wanted to read them in order (although it seems fairly certain that they will both turn out to be stand alone-worthy books).

Smile is a comic book novel (otherwise called "graphic novel" these days), with great comic book appeal. The pictures are bright and inviting and convey the story line nicely. This is the tale of Raina's experience getting braces after a fall caused her to lose her two front teeth. In this sense, I'm guessing this is really more of a memoir than a novel, but the library has labeled it as a graphic novel. It was a quick and easy read and is sure to be a book young girls will relate to, especially if they have to endure the pain and social discomfort of wearing braces for any period of time. I don't think the book will appeal quite as much to adults, unless ... again ... they have had a traumatic experience with braces in the past. Still, if you are into graphic novels, this book provides an interesting story full of pre-teen perspective.

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