Saturday, February 12, 2011

Curse You, You Tube, for Your Window to Possibilities

Trevor will cause me to come completely undone with his passion for art. I am ALL FOR PASSION. I fully believe that God gives us these penchants and intends us to pursue them with abandon.

HOWEVER ... I cannot get my child to understand that everything you see on the computer is not possible to pursue at the present moment in time.

Lately, he has been on a paper airplane kick. Our house has been literally littered with paper airplanes. This is especially so since my back makes it difficult to bend and pick all this stuff up and cracking the whip to hold him accountable stretches my patience level.

This morning, after watching the DVD of "How to Train Your Dragon" (a most excellent gift to the boys by my sister, Dawn), he decided to search for Origami Dragon instructions. Of course, he couldn't follow it all, so he has begged and cajoled until I agreed to step in.

For the love of all things holy, there is no way in the world that he or I will start our origami adventures jumping right to the instructions for making a dragon. You try to explain that to my six year old.

Here is the video he wants me to follow (I should note that it is 35 minutes long and I gave up only about 9 minutes into it). I would beg someone more skilled to send us this origami dragon ... but I know exactly what Trevor's reaction would be. He would say ... "But I want US to make it, MOMMY!"

Maybe four or five origami books from now and lots of practice, kid. I don't think he'll hear that. I'm guessing we're off to the library again today! First crawl then walk, BOY!


Elizabeth A. said...

I think the special thin paper helps with all the folding. I vaguely remember trying in Sunday school or VBS or something like that. I didn't make it very far either.

Wendy said...

Yes, I tried to show him special paper on Amazon ... all while explaining to him that even if we order it today, it won't come for a while and even then we should start with something simpler. He wasn't hearing any of it. He wanted to make that darn dragon and he wanted it NOW! I'm guessing God wanted us to have a lesson in patience today!