Friday, March 4, 2011

Attention, Please!

When Bryce was younger, he had a favorite Mickey Mouse video he used to like to check out from our local library. In it was this video of Goofy camping with his son. As they are bedding down for the night, the son calls out, "Daaadddy, I want a drink of waaatterr." Somehow that line really stuck for us.

Bryce would often use it to call out to me at night, when he was supposed to be going to sleep:

"Moooommmmy, I want a drink of waaatteerrr!"

Really, it just sort of became a mantra that we would toss around from time to time, always using the same influctions as the son in the video (it can be viewed at the 3:55 point in the video).

So, earlier this week, when Trevor called for me, I answered in our familiar sing-song line, yelling back, "Daaaadddy, I need a drink of waatteerr!" (Around here, apparently we percieve wants as needs far too often). I was busily involved in something, as usual. This time, I was on the floor in the hallway, weeding through one of our many children's book shelves for books we could donate to Trevor's school library.

There are numerous times when I'm engrossed in something, though. I get caught up in reviewing Facebook or trying to go through my endless e-mail files. Sometimes, I'm even busy cleaning the house, ha!

But, this time, when he called for me in that endlessly repeated scream for "MOOOMMMMY!", I replied with Goofy's son's famous line, "Daaaddddy, I need a drink of waaaattterrr!"

Trevor replied, "Moooommmmy, I need a drink of ATTENTION!" Too true, son! Too constant and too true!


Amy Sorensen said...

Oh....that is funny! I love the way families find their "things" and then it sticks. We still say "olange" and "fo fries" because that's how Haley (who's 15 now) pronounced "orange" and "french fries." ;)

Wendy said...

Yes, we have those too, Amy! We say "chicky nuggests" (self explanatory) and "slurpy noodles" (fettucini alfredo) and "goon" (crabmeat rangoon).

Wendy said...

I meant "chicky nuggets".

Amy Sorensen said...

"chicky nuggests" sounds like something gollum would say. ;)