Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Review: Escape

It feels like forever ago that I finished this novel, even though it was only a little over a week. This was a book I checked out in audio form so I would have something to listen to on long drives. It kept my interest and told a good story, but wasn't anything to rave about.

Emily has had it. Life has gotten to the breaking point and all she wants to do is escape. Who can't relate to that story line? Thus, one day Emily hops in her car, leaves her job as a lawyer and shows up on the doorstep of her best friend, whom she hasn't seen in ten years. Life in a small town pulls her back to a summer long ago when she lived and worked with Vicki Bell and loved her brother. The brother is back, the coyotes are pulling her and she must decide if she will give up her hectic life and marriage in Manhattan or simply work to rearrange it.

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