Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review: Hyperbole and a Half

I have never been to this author's blog. I haven't even heard good things about the book.  But when the library description for Hyperbole and a Half showed up in my in-box, I decided I was up for a funny book. I waited my turn and the book came in today. I read it in an afternoon (since it is in comic book form, it was a quick and easy read).

While not as funny as I had hoped, it was still a good chuckle here and there. Plus, I will have to say that the author's description of the confusing nature of depression was spot on. She really nailed what it feels like to go through a major depressive phase. Her explanation of the responses of others was also true to life. I feel bad for her because she had to go through a chronic depression in order to come up with those insights.

The funniest bits were probably about her two dogs. I could also relate to all the people telling her how easy it is to train a dog. As if!

I don't think I'm destined to become one of her blog readers, but did appreciate the light-hearted good laughs she provided.

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Jennifer Atkinson said...

Her description of depression was really helpful to me. In fact, my daughter sent me the blog post where she first talked about it so I could understand what my daughter is going through. I bought my daughter the book for Christmas and she loves it! I really like that the author includes wonderful "art" to illustrate the book and the author is NOT an artist. But the art was perfect for the essays.