Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book Review: Dancing with My Father

Being a mother of boys, I have subscribed to the posts provided by the MOB Society (about mothering boys within a Christian framework). I often see Sally Clarkson's contributions. Thus, when my mother-in-law passed on a pile of books to sell to the Half-Price Bookstore, I quietly pulled out this book by Clarkson to read for myself. It wasn't a book I sought out. Just one I happened upon.

I will admit that I really skimmed this book. I read it in the space of one day and didn't take time to answer the interactive questions presented at the end of every chapter. The subtitle tells the intent of the book: How God Leads Us into a Life of Grace and Joy. Really, joy was at the heart of this book. And who couldn't use more joy? Sally Clarkson went on a mission to live a more joy-filled life throughout her Christian walk. She realized that often the daily grind of being a Christian in a fallen world takes its toll and leaves a person merely coasting along, doing what seems to be required. All of us would want to strive for something more than that, no doubt.

Clarkson shares personal stories (my favorite part of the book) of her journey towards a more joy-filled life. She outlines things which can stand in the way of living with joy. While it didn't provide any startling discoveries for me, it was a good book to digest in a short amount of time. It would be a perfect read for someone who is feeling empty in their Christian walk and longing for more of the joy of the Lord to translate into their daily existence.

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