Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Book Review: Balancing Act

This book, Balancing Act, by Kimberly Stuart, was a bit of Christian fiction which my mother-in-law passed on for me to sell at the Half Price Book store. I was glad I pulled this one out to hold aside because when we left for Spring Break, I didn't want to take any library books (despite having quite a large stack of them to get to). It was a light-hearted, quick and easy read (easy enough to read while flying on a plane). Although it was a bit humorous, I did feel that the author was trying too hard to be funny. Thus, many of the gags and jokes felt forced. I would probably give it 3 stars.

Heidi Elliott is anticipating returning to her career as a high school Spanish teacher after a brief maternity leave. Her substitute has made a mess of things. Heidi is exhausted, but wanting to prove that she can manage to balance a new baby and her job. Meanwhile, her husband encourages her to join a church Mom's group, which she does reluctantly. Moreover, her husband is paying loads of extra attention to a female client at his business. Heidi experiences the typical angst women feel when they return to jobs after having a baby. The pull of two worlds, the conflicts in marital relationships brought on by exhaustion, and the questioning glances of others who doubt a new mom can be all things to all people, all threaten to pull Heidi under. Thankfully, she learns to turn to God to assist her in knowing how to find the best balance for her life.

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