Saturday, April 25, 2015

Book Review: Just As Long As We're Together

This month, our young adult book club decided to explore Judy Blume's books for tweens and teens. We each selected two novels and this was the first of my two, Just As Long As We're Together. It was a quick and easy read about two best friends who allow a third girl to join their ranks. It had typical Blume fare of introducing topics previously seen as taboo - the girls discuss the perceived sexual activity level of a boy and talk about getting their period for the first time. It was still pretty tame compared to some of the other books offered up to our group.

Stephanie has been best friends with Rachel since second grade. When Alison moves into the neighborhood with her actress mother and step-father, she immediately strikes up a friendship with both Stephanie and Rachel. Each girl struggles with her own unique situations in navigating seventh grade: Stephanie with the recent separation of her parents, Rachel with the pressures of perfectionism, and Alison with her status as an adopted child to a famous mother. Can three girls all be best friends or will the friction of an interloper cause Rachel and Stephanie to drift apart?

I wouldn't say this was my favorite Judy Blume read. I am, by far, a bigger fan of the series of books starring Fudge. Of course, this might be because those books appeal strongly to my sons. I can remember really enjoying her tween books when I was a pre-teen, so I know they have great enduring appeal to tween girls. Next up is the companion book to this one, Here's to You, Rachel Robinson.

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