Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Small Group

After growing weary of the half hour commute to participate in the Threshold Singers, I began to hope I could find something a bit closer to home. I decided to join a small group of women from my Salvation Army corps. They meet once a month, in members' homes and share a meal and some fellowship (with a time of serious discussion). I had such a good time at the July meeting that I offered up my house to be the location for our August meeting.

The day was miserable. Wet and stormy. Indeed, there were tornadoes whipping through the county while the women were attempting to make their way to my house. Bryce left to go to his friend's house and almost ran straight into a tornado. He said he came to a clear area near the soccer fields, not more than a mile from our house, and saw a huge cloud swirling debris. He told us later that he did a u-turn right there in the road and sped away. Here are some photos one woman snapped while on the way to my house:

A tornado touched down and did damage to a neighborhood a little over a mile away from us. Thankfully, all the women made it to my house safely and we had a wonderful time around our big table. We were able to fit all 14 of us around it!

After the meal (following a breakfast-for-dinner theme), we retired to our back porch and had our discussion time. I think everyone had a great time and really enjoyed sharing our little bit of space here.

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