Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Book Review: Saving Grace

The cover proclaims that Saving Grace is written by New York Times bestselling author, Jane Green. I had never heard the name before. Nor was I aware that this audio book, read by the author, would delight with a British accent and story (well, the setting is split between New England in the States and Dorset in Britain). I always enjoy a well-told story narrated with a British accent.

Grace Chapman has it all. Married to the fierce and successful writer, Ted Chapman, she is a well-known cook in her own right. Their only current difficulty is their need of an assistant/household manager. When their daughter, Clemmie, introduces them to Beth, Grace believes her prayers have been answered. Beth, with her take-charge personality, begins to whip things in shape and both Grace and Ted are impressed. But, slowly, things begin to unravel for Grace and she can't quite shake the feeling that Beth is at the root of it all. Running from her own personal demons, Grace must face things from the past and iron out things in the present.

If it weren't for the delightful narration, I would have preferred a hard-cover version of the book, since each chapter ended with a recipe. As it was, I did pause the audio to jot down the recipe for Pavlova (a dessert our Australian matron used to make when I worked at The Salvation Army's International College for Officers). Of course, not being much of a cook, I didn't hold out enough hope to write down any of the other recipes (and I might even bomb the Pavlova, but I do intend to take a stab at it). Although parts were a bit unbelievable (Grace can cook up intricate recipes for the masses, yet cannot keep her own checkbook and hands it over to Beth without thoroughly double-checking references?), I'd be willing to try another book from this author.

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