Sunday, July 30, 2017

Book Review: Through the Eyes of Hope

Last week, I picked up Through the Eyes of Hope, by Lacey Buchanan. As soon as I saw the cover of this book prominently displayed at our library, I remembered watching the touching You Tube video this mother made in defense of her child.

Born with a severely cleft palate and without eyes, Lacey's son Christian is a testament to the value of every individual, no matter their appearance or disability. Lacey's story highlights her growth from timid, sidelined mother to bold, involved advocate. I could not help but walk a mile in her shoes as she told of doctors who felt they knew better how to meet her child's needs (especially frustrating, the physical surgeon who insisted her son needed highly invasive surgery despite a team of other doctors ruling the surgery unnecessary). Moreover, what parent can't imagine how devastating the stares and comments of strangers could be. Yet, there are those in this world who begrudge Lacey the right to raise her disabled son. They are the unfortunate ones, because they will never be able to see the beauty God instills in His most fragile vessels. Kudos to Lacey for telling her story (with the assistance of Bethany Jett) and inspiring other parents of special needs children with hope for their journey.

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