Monday, October 25, 2010

Funny, Funny Boy

Last night we all dined out as a family. We have a favorite Mexican restaurant and the boys really look forward to a meal there. If Bryce could ignore Trevor's loud voice and antsy behavior, the family dinner out would be a totally marvelous experience. Usually, Bryce chooses to bait Trevor and then complain about every action Trevor makes that might draw attention to our table.

This past summer, we had a chance to visit some friends back in DeKalb. The girls, who were always big fans of Bryce and begged for Bryce stories whenever I would visit, decided to open the computer and play some old videos stored there. They brought up two or three featuring my colorful, silly, ridiculously animated oldest son back when he was 9 or 10.

He stared at those videos in utter disbelief. There was almost no convincing him that he actually starred in those videos ... that he used to behave in ways that others might find embarrassing. It was hard not to laugh uncontrollably, because he was hilarious. A lunatic, but hilarious!

Tonight, we were again trying to remind Bryce that he drew loads of attention to himself when he was Trevor's age and we attempted to eat out at restaurants. He still didn't believe it, choosing to focus merely on the fact that Trevor spilled his milk, talked loudly and took forever to eat his food.

As for me, it was delightful to have Trevor along (not so delightful to have the scorning teenager). He is such a funny boy.

There are large-screen televisions posted so that patrons may watch sports while eating their meal. The screen on the wall behind me was showing a soccer game.

Suddenly, Trevor said, "Look! Look! There are holograms on there."

I looked behind me and said, "Where?"

"See those bouncing soccer balls? They are holograms. See, they disappear after they bounce across the field for a while."

True enough, they did disappear. I turned and asked, "You're only six, so how do you know about holograms?"

He replied, "From Scooby-Doo" (with a thick "duh" inflection).

Then I said, "So what is a hologram?"

At this he looked at me and lowered his head. "I'm not gonna spill ALL my secrets in a public place."

I was practically rolling on the floor laughing. He is such a card. Too bad his older brother can't appreciate him for who he is.


Amy Sorensen said...

Here's what worries me: how do you deal when your youngest is a teenager? At least now, I've got teens and still have someone cute & little & funny & adoring. But when he's 14 and cranky there'll be no one to balance it out.

Oh, the horrors!

Wendy said...

Yes, I'm not looking forward to that. However, as laid back as my youngest guy seems to be, I'm hoping I'll dodge that bullet and he'll be an even-tempered teen as well (and will, of course, never tire of spending time with his family).