Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looking Forward to Hump Day

I am really enjoying Wednesdays. It doesn't even make sense, but it is the truth. I look forward to my hump day, but not because it means that the week is half over. My favorite days of the week don't fall on the weekend, but rather smack dab in the middle of the week.

I like Tuesdays and Thursdays because those are the days when both of my little boys go to afternoon school. Sean and I have a lazy morning. Then, I prepare their lunches and we head off to pick Trevor up from Kindergarten. We drive straight from there to drop Sean off at Parent's Day Out. Trevor's class doesn't start for another 45 minutes, so I have started taking him on little errands during that time. Then, I have my afternoon to myself (I try to walk the dog and get a bit of cleaning done).

But, Wednesdays hold special promise. On Wednesdays now, Bryce has a drum lesson with a graduate student at Butler University. It is a bit of a drive, and I wish it didn't fall right during rush-hour traffic, but it feels like such an adventure.

I usually prepare the Broccoli Casserole ahead of time and pop it in the fridge. John is able to return from work and exercise in quiet. Then, he heats our casserole and prepares something simple for the boys (canned mini-ravioli and fruit, this evening).

Today, we arrived at Butler a bit early (after Bryce argued intensely that we wouldn't be late, while I yelled at him to hurry up, fearing the traffic). Sean had fallen asleep and I didn't want him to waken yet, so we drove around the campus. It is such a lovely campus. We discovered a little nook that I promised we would explore another day (today, I am battling a fierce head-cold and, without a shower, was looking as frightful as I felt).

Once we drop Bryce off at Lilly Hall, I drive to find a parking spot. Then, I let the boys get out of their seats and we listen to books. In the past, we have always brought books on tape or CD from the library (last week it was The Composer is Dead). Today, I didn't feel up to a trip to the library, so I merely loaded up five books and I read aloud.

I love this time, reading to them. Indeed, they are a captive audience. O.K., well, not completely. Trevor tends to get antsy. Sean never even bothers to get out of his seat. Today, Trevor sprawled across the dashboard. I told him people were probably thinking he was insane, when they walked past our vehicle. But, as long as he listens, I don't mind his need to stretch and amuse himself. He even read a few of the pages from the books today.

It isn't always perfectly rosy. Bryce usually drums the entire drive to and fro (on the back of the passenger seat, incessantly). Often, they fight. Bryce will announce the "Quiet Game," and then bait Trevor into talking so that he can shoot off, "ah, you lost!" Trevor then dissolves into tears. No matter how many times I try to remind Trevor to ignore his brother's words, he gets sucked in every time.

Tonight, when they started to bicker, I merely ordered silence and turned on the radio. Even with the chaos, though, I have to say I enjoy our Wednesday routine. It is good to spend the time with all three of the boys. It is good to have that time to look forward to. Last week, Trevor even commented, "This is OUR time, isn't it?"

Yes, it is, and I'm loving it!


Lucy said...

I love this. How fun to have this day with your boys and it's even better than you all recognize it as being special.

Wendy said...

Lucy - In the beginning, Bryce was complaining because it takes a lot of time out of his day, but now he has seemed to enjoy the time in the van with his brothers.

This week, Trevor was invited to Awana and I am torn about what to do. I don't want to give up our Wed. trips, but would also like for Trevor to be able to participate in a good Bible class for kids.