Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking for Dresses? Really?

This morning, my boys had a two hour delay for school. Since Sean was sick in the middle of the night, it was welcome news to my ears. Hubby headed off to work and the rest of us remained in slumber land for a while longer.

When I finally got up and moving, I remembered that I had scheduled the dog for a grooming appointment (a skin infection near his jowls required the expense of a vet trip AND a grooming to trim up the fur around the jowls). I couldn't really reschedule, since the vet had suggested the immediate trim and besides, grooming usually provides me with a dog free day (something I never turn down).

I left the little boys with Bryce and headed out the door. The snow meant traffic was moving like molasses, so I didn't get back in time to have them take the bus. Upon my return, I drove Trevor and Bryce to their schools.

Once Sean and I were happily back in the living room, I sat down at the computer to check my mail. When the screen came to life, it revealed a search for "Mother of the Bride Dresses."

What? Who, in my house full of men, would have possibly been searching for mother of the bride dresses? Our household will never require such a search. I couldn't help but voice my question aloud.

Sean piped up, "Oh, that was me!"

Say what?????

"How did you search for mother of the bride dresses?" I asked.

"Well, while you were gone I wanted to play motorcycle games. So I typed in M-O-T."

Obviously, the computer offered several suggestions as soon as he typed in the first three letters in motorcycle and he picked the longest one, assuming it would bring up motorcycle games (I would be amazed that the kid knew the first three letters in motorcycle, since he just turned four, but then he has watched me bring up motorcycle games for them on numerous occasions before).

Although, I'm still chuckling over the search he brought up, I'm really glad he wasn't looking for the dictionary! Yikes!

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