Saturday, August 13, 2011

CBLI Part Two - Rippin' Zip Line Fun

My least favorite part of CBLI this year? On Friday night, during the lengthy Kid's Night program, I had to have Sean with me throughout. He isn't very patient, so I pulled out my brand new I-Pod Touch (birthday gift at the end of May). It was a god-send because he played games quietly throughout the meeting. However, on the way out the door (I should have taken it from him the minute we left our seats), he dropped it on the pavement. Yikes! The screen shattered:

I was heartbroken. When I returned home, I searched I-Pod Touch on E-bay and felt much better when I saw one that looked like it had been dropped from a twenty story building. Somehow another's pain eases and minimizes our own.

That was one minor setback in an otherwise enjoyable camp experience.

I believe our absolute favorite free time activity this year was undoubtedly ... the zip line. Our friends, Laura and Annie, who roomed across the hall from us in Sandpiper convinced us to go:

It was the perfect year to give it a try and we loved it so much we went back day after day after day.

It is composed of a tall wooden structure about 40 feet tall:

We climbed the stairs, tightened on our harnesses and waved goodbye before jumping off a tiny platform extended out over the ground (truly, this was the worst part for us timid folks ... however, both of my boys just walked right off the edge without lingering).

Here's Trevor riding upside down:

And Sean "the Fearless One":

Even I rode the zip line. I figured, if I'm ever going to do it, I'd better attempt it now, while I'm still in my mid-forties!

Here's a brief video of Trevor:

And one of Sean:

The boys also decided to try the "Giant Swing." There was no way in the world I was trying that. You have to sit suspended over the ground and then scooch your rear end off to swing down violently.

Here's Trevor doing it:

And, not to be outdone, Sean, of course:

As I said, we were there almost daily!

It was a wonderful week of memorable fun. Then, we were privileged to see something unusual on the drive home when we saw this castle near Harvard, Illinois:

Looking forward to CBLI 2012 already!

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