Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pics from Holiday World

I'm trying to schedule posts ahead of time to fill the time while we're gone at our 10 day Bible camp (CBLI). So, when I realized that I never posted any of my own photos of Holiday World, it seemed like the perfect filler (Grandma will enjoy these photos).

When we arrived at the hotel, the little boys claimed the hot tub and Bryce claimed the king size bed. Eventually, when they were toweled dry, Trevor and Sean ended up in the king bed with Bryce watching him play a game on the I-Pod. (Have I mentioned that I received an I-Pod Touch for my birthday? It has a camera option on it. Bryce has been bugging me to trade I-Pods now because he feels I would "do better on an I-Pod with less options to make mastery easier." Translation: "Yours goes faster than mine and has a camera, plus phone option, plus you can't even seem to figure anything out so I don't know why you won't give me your new birthday gift and take my old Generation 1 I-Pod Touch!!!!!")

These next pictures are really rather pathetic, but they do capture how hot the day was. You can see the sweat dripping off Trevor and Sean's hair. If they followed my blog (hee-hee, as if) they would be mortified that the only ride I bothered to take a photo of was the one lame kiddie ride I made them go on:

When we arrived home, the boys switched from I-Pod Touch to Playstation. I loved these two photos of Bryce and Sean cuddled up together playing the Spongebob Squarepants game together:

You can see that Sleepy Bear still holds a place of honor in Sean's heart. I don't plan on taking any action to stop that because it is so precious. Besides, I'm pretty sure he won't be taking Sleepy Bear to college, still sucking on those two beloved fingers. In the meantime, he remains my sweet-hearted baby.

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