Friday, June 21, 2013

Heading to Music Camp

I have such fond memories of attending music camp in my younger days.  The anxiety of first day placement auditions, the fun with friends, the challenging and enjoyable music, and times of spiritual commitment.  This is my second year attending as a member of staff (my dad was often on staff when I attended as a kid) and I am feeling equal parts anxiety and excitement.

Trevor has noticed my preparations (I've been making several new posters to use and brought up the poster he made last year of a boy with a wide-open mouth, to encourage my young singers to open wider while singing).  He and Sean both seem a bit anxious about my departure, even though during part of the week they will have fun at Holiday World with Dad while Bryce holds down the fort at home.  I think last year was hard for them to be without me for a week.

My anxiety stems from the large load of responsibilities and roles I'll be performing.  I am responsible for the placement auditions for the junior choir and leadership of that choir throughout the week.  I am the Piano Theory leader (I don't play piano, but I'm sure I remember some theory).  I am the assistant for the Drama elective class (does that mean I'll have to perform on stage with the campers?  I hope not!).  I will be leading the Senior Vocal Rhythm Band (this was the one I was most unsure about, but think I've made sufficient plans to get through four or five class sessions and a performance).  I'm also responsible for coordinating and emceeing the Friday Variety Show (where the electives, rhythm bands, recorder classes and band choirs perform).  I am one of the vocal/piano solo contest judges (hmm) and a final day cabin inspector.  Sheesh!  Sounds like I'll be mighty busy.

Despite the anxiety I feel, I'm also looking forward to having a good time away from home.  I certainly won't miss being on call to feed my eating machines or to keep said machines in clean clothes (although I suspect I will return to large loads of untended laundry - ha).  Just the time to breathe on my own and do something challenging apart from the kids will be beneficial.  I need the stimulation camp provides, even though it taxes me out of my comfort zone.  At least my anxiety is tempered by the fact that I've led the choir once before and it won't be quite as intimidating as it was last year.

At this point, I've only selected one of the two numbers we will be performing, but I'm hoping the director will have resources on the first day where I can select an additional piece with the support of my co-leader (who is actually a pianist, so this year we will have piano accompaniment readily available during all rehearsals, whereas last year we only rehearsed with a pianist twice).  For the rhythm band, I've made posters with rhythms to accompany candy bar names (hopefully this will appeal to the teen participants) and have selected a choral reading which should demonstrate a feel for the rhythm.  I am praying I won't have any belligerent campers to deal with, since discipline has never been my forte in the teaching realm.  I am too timid and too eager to avoid conflict.

I failed to prepare blog posts to pre-schedule, so there will be some silence on my blog.  I don't want to take my laptop along since the accommodations aren't locked.  It will be a wonderful week of cyber-vacation!  I'll think of it as a return to the dark ages, when life didn't revolve around our technology and social networks.  Thankfully, I can take along books to fill the afternoon hours of free-time.  It will be a reading paradise!  Just up my alley!

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