Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Sleepy Bear

Sleepy Bear has been on his last leg for some time now.

He has been loved to death.  He has been flung as a weapon, twirled on the arm, wrapped on the head, and curled around the fingers (the holes becoming an increasingly favorite part to tug at).  We keep thinking, "any day now Sean will grow tired of his security blanket and toss him aside."  But, no, he loves him just as vehemently.  I was afraid to wash the bear after CBLI because one of the arms is almost completely off.  I suppose if Sean weren't our last child, and if we didn't have cousins who literally loved on and continued to embrace their security blanket well into their twenties (one said she almost cried when she took her blanket with her to camp and it was lost), we would have put our foot down and taken steps to sever the strong bond he displays.

Instead, we have taken steps to replace Sleepy Bear with a newer version.  This morning we found this on E-bay. 


Score!  I can't wait to see the happy face when his new Sleepy Bear arrives.  Auntie Miriam will be happy to know that her initial gift to our youngest son was dearly loved, more than anything else he has ever owned.

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