Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Review: When God Makes Lemonade

This is another book which you can read in spurts.  I read this over several nights for my bedtime reading.  It was highly inspirational and before I knew it, I'd read all 68 of the vignettes of God's amazing grace turning trials into triumphs.

Don Jacobson starts the collage of stories out with his own story of how God changed his life and occupational goals, leading him into the publishing industry.  He went out hunting alone one day and accidentally shot himself.  As he lay there, blood ebbing out of his body, he wondered whether anyone would find him in time to save his life.  Jacobson had been an avid outdoorsman and loved working with his hands outdoors in the construction industry.  When his life was saved, it became obvious that his career path in construction would no longer work.  Thus he turned his energies to working behind a desk in publishing and hasn't looked back.

In story after story, all true and all revealing the wondrous grace of God, the reader feasts on tales of tragedies with happy endings.  God, the great redeemer of all our pain, chooses to move in our trials to bring about blessing and fulfillment we previously couldn't have envisioned. As it says in the introduction, "If you're struggling beneath the weight of unemployment, depression, broken relationships, an unexpected death, or any of life's other difficulties, don't give up! ... you're not alone! ... stuff happens in life, but so does lemonade." God does, indeed, make lemonade out of the lemons life hands us and this book catalogs some of those stories to give the reader hope and perspective.

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