Monday, September 30, 2013

Homecoming Festivities

Several weeks ago, we received the wonderful news that Bryce was nominated as a candidate for Homecoming King.  What an honor!  His biographical sketch was listed in the little booklet highlighting the high school royalty.  We were so proud.

Although he wasn't eventually selected as king, we still had a wonderful homecoming weekend.  Grandma came for a visit.  She enjoyed watching the game and spending lots of time with the little boys.

Sadly, on Friday morning, when I went to lace up my shoes for my morning walk, I twisted in some way and a painful spasm went up my back, triggering another spell of back-ache.  It was really discouraging because I knew I had a special role to play in Bryce's homecoming pep rally and I was mortified that I might embarrass him in some way.  I remembered mimicking my own father when he was laid low with a backache, waddling across to the car after him.  Now that I experience my own backaches, I understand fully the insensitivity of that.  So all Friday morning I waddled around praying that my back would ease up enough for me to walk normally at the pep rally.

Bryce knew I would be coming because I had signed on to help make sandwiches for the team in the afternoon.  I told him I would stick around for the pep rally to hear if he won the spot as Homecoming King.  But, really I was sticking around because I had been asked to participate in a little trick called "Kiss and Tell."

The senior football players were called out onto the track and asked to sit in chairs.  Then, the cheerleaders paraded in front of them and the boys were told they would don a blindfold and be asked to guess which cheerleader might have kissed them.  Once the blindfolds were on, the mothers of the seniors strode out to stand behind their player.  At the appointed moment, we kissed our sons and stood a pace behind them.  They pulled off their blindfolds and began to make their guesses, not even realizing we were standing behind them.  Bryce guessed that his date for prom kissed him.  Several of the other players all selected the same cheerleader, interestingly enough.  Plus, one young man declared that another football player's girlfriend kissed him.  Then, they were told to look behind them to see who really kissed them.  It was a wonderful ruse and so much fun.  Thanks to a generous dose of ibuprofen and a heat patch, I don't think I waddled too much when I walked over to stand behind him.  Besides, there were so many mothers, I doubt many eyes were trained on me and my inability to walk normally.

Saturday, thanks to Grandma's willingness to stay with the boys, John and I were able to get away for an evening.  We had a great time shopping (snagging many wonderful deals like: a brand new pair of jeans at Kohl's for $13, after using my $10 bucks and a 30% off coupon, and a new pair of designer sunglasses and a VanHuesen tie for John at Gordman's for only $11 each, thanks to another 20% off coupon).  We tried a new restaurant for dinner called "Chicago's Pizza."  We were hoping to purchase a deep dish spinach pizza but, alas, spinach is not on the menu of topping offerings.  If they really want to carry off the deep dish Chicago style pizza reputation, they must add spinach as a topping. Of course, they would still be hard-pressed to match a Giordano's deep dish stuffed spinach pizza!

Sunday we did a bit more shopping and then stopped by J.C. Penney's to pick up the portraits Bryce had taken a few weeks back.  The little boys had a photo session just five days after Bryce's so we were offered a fantastic deal of two 16x20 canvas portraits of Bryce and the boys for only $40.  We jumped on that deal.

After picking up the photos, we headed to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I don't know why I never realized before that admission to the museum is free.  I guess I always drove by and thought, "maybe some day we'll go visit the museum."  I'm so glad we decided to end our get-away with this trip to the museum.  We had a wonderful time, enjoyed a fabulous meal in the café (spinach artichoke melts with multi-grain crackers and crème brulee for dessert), and began plotting to bring Trevor for a visit.  I'm sure he will love it, and if we can manage to get him there before the end of December, he can even enter a drawing contest held in a special Matisse room on the second floor of the museum (he'd love that).

All in all, it was a wonderful homecoming weekend for the whole family.  The little boys enjoyed reading to Grandma (well, Sean did, anyway - reading a whole chapter book called Lulu Walks the Dog), playing Monopoly with her on the computer, setting up Hot Wheels tracks all over the porch, and enjoying the treat of KFC for lunch, in our absence. Bryce's team slaughtered their opponent for the homecoming game and he enjoyed some extra time hanging with friends. Couldn't ask for a better weekend.

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