Monday, March 3, 2014

Book Review: Lost Lake

Sarah Addison Allen's novel, Lost Lake, is a novel full of nostalgia. It makes you hearken back to a time when life was really good and you almost let a good thing slip away. It makes you long for yesterday.

Eby Pim is getting ready to sell Lost Lake, a plot with lakeside cabins which she has run since she returned from her magical honeymoon in Paris to chase a dream of owning a small plot of resort property in Georgia. Her husband died long ago, and now all she can think about is travelling back to the places so filled with wonder when they were young and in love. So she is determined to do her inventory and close up the cabins. But several old faithful summer guests return for one last hurrah. Plus, her great-niece, Kate, shows up, with an eight year old daughter in tow, hoping to relive the magic of her twelfth summer spent fifteen years before at Lost Lake.

Kate is just coming to from a year of numbing grief after the loss of her husband and wants to show her daughter, Devin, the magical place of Lost Lake, where she cavorted with a wild boy named Wes and enjoyed the freedom of the summer. Kate has allowed her mother-in-law to call the shots for far too long and believes this spontaneous trip might make up for a year of not quite responding to her daughter's needs. It is indeed all she needs to bring her to her senses and remind her of what she really wants out of life.

I agree with Fannie Flagg's endorsement on the back cover: "You will love going to Lost Lake with Sarah Addison Allen and meeting all the fascinating characters who live there. This book is filled with mystery, magic, and wonderful surprises!" You will lose yourself in the tale of Lost Lake and all the many loves which weave in and out of the story. It was a sweet read. I would give it 4 stars.

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