Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Winning Week

Well, we've had a very successful week. Bryce was exceedingly happy with how things went at the school's awards ceremony on Wednesday night. I was too.  Every time his name was called out, my heart beamed with pride and happiness for him (a welcome change from the sadness we've all been feeling around here because of his totaled Mustang). He won four different scholarships! Three are one time allotments, but one of the $1000 scholarships rolls over to provide $500 each year for the following three years of college, should he continue to attend. He did the hard work of applying for many scholarships (often requiring an essay) and, thankfully, netted some good results.

Then, I received the welcome news that I have won an Amazon gift card for reviewing one of the books offered for free in exchange for a review on the Story Cartel website. This is the first time I've received any compensation for the many reviews I've written. One of the reasons I don't pursue more lucrative avenues for my reviews is because I don't generally like to be told what to read. I want to make the selections myself. Thankfully, Story Cartel offers up a wide variety of material, so I still have the option of choice, while securing an opportunity for some possible remuneration for my reviews. Yippee!

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