Sunday, August 17, 2014

Book Review: Unstoppable

If you are looking for inspiration and encouragement to live a life of faith and overcome the difficulties life might be presenting you, you cannot go wrong with a book by Nick Vujicic. Born with no arms or legs, Nick is a walking testament (get the pun?) to God's purposes for even the most challenging circumstances life can bring. He clearly lives out a life message of "no limbs - no problem, as long as one is centered on the Lord and what truly matters." He has been an inspiration to many and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this, his second book, Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action. For my review of his first book, Life Without Limits, go here.

Through his own stories of overcoming his unique challenges to the stories of others who have made a tremendous impact on our world, Nick makes it his goal to affirm and encourage every listener to put their faith in action to find their purpose in life. God doesn't make mistakes and every one of us can bring something to the table, perhaps even something that no one else is qualified to provide.

While not something I really needed to hear (as I'm no longer in those years of seeking out a life partner), I enjoyed the bits about his meeting and marrying his wife, Kanae. I recently saw a photo on Facebook of Nick pulling a wagon with his young son behind him, so it is obvious that they have gone on to start the family he mentions desiring in this book. I wish him and his wife all the best as they pursue their ridiculously good life.

In the light of Robin Williams' recent suicide, the passages discussing suicide intervention (and every person's ability to stand in the gap for those who are hurting) were especially poignant. Nick is a powerhouse of encouragement and a veritable volcano of inspiration. His words certainly caused me to review my life and to find a renewed commitment to living my life to fulfill God's purposes. I may not yet know everything that God wants to do with my life, but like Nick Vujicic, I want to lay my life at the Lord's feet and surrender my will to His best purposes for my life.

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