Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inundated with Cool Music Videos Lately

As I showed my husband yet another one this morning, he said, "Where do you find all these?" Mostly through links on Facebook. Thus, none of these may be new to you; still, I felt they were worth sharing:

This one just amazes me. The guy has a truly innovative mind to put together a recording of himself playing a cover for that popular song, "Happy." It is catchy, but the great part is that he plays all the parts himself. Too cool:

Next up, a video of a guy playing PVC pipes for drums and using flip flops for drumsticks. This is one I gotta show Bryce! It's ten minutes long, but I couldn't look away:

Another cool drumming video, where two kids tap out a beat with pens and a ruler:

And these final two just make me happy (kind of like the "Happy" cover above). The first is a video of an animated musical instrument and the music is so soothing and delightful:

Like the other one, this animated instrument is more of a percussionist's video:

Enjoy and have a "happy" day!

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