Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cedar Point Rocks!

This year, we had to take our family vacation a bit early because Bryce begins an internship with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management this coming week. It turned out to be excellent timing. The weather was marvelous, sunny and cool.

Like last summer, we stayed at the Breakers resort right on the amusement park grounds. This affords many great perks. Your lodging is close enough to return to the room when you need a break. They have fabulous restaurants (we prefer TGIFridays and Perkins) and the rooms are spacious and comfy:

Sadly, Bryce's girlfriend couldn't come with us this year (as she did last year), but it meant we could secure one room instead of paying for two. Our room had a cute little balcony looking over the beach on Lake Erie:

Moreover, your hotel reservation provides you with the first evening admission (after 4 p.m.). Thus, by 4:30 on Wednesday evening, the boys were off riding rides and John and I were settling in. On Thursday, we purchased a Fast Pass so we could get into most of the rides (all but the top four roller coasters) quickly. Friday, when crowds were thicker, we had Fast Pass Pluses, enabling us to get into all of the rides quickly (a great blessing since the lines for our favorite rides were long).

I decided to make the most of my time with the boys and went on rides I would have never imagined attempting. They got me on Top Thrill Dragster (I was convinced I could get through the ride since it is over within less than a minute). And my favorite roller coaster turned out to be Valravn, the newest one. I think I liked it best because it feels so snug, comfortable, and secure. The harness is tight but a rubbery inner material makes it feel comfy. Even though that first drop is wicked, because they hang you there waiting to fall for a few seconds, the ride is smooth and exciting. I even survived riding in the front car for that one.

The only rides I could not bring myself to join them on? Millennium Force, because of the height and drop of the first hill (well, and because last year I saw a group of riders stuck about two thirds of the way up that first 310-foot incline and the thought of being trapped in that position terrified me) and Skyhawk, because the pendulum swing ride dangles you over the ground 125 feet in the air - yikes! But, I rode a slew of other rides I would have never thought I'd dare to experience: Gatekeeper, Rougarou, Raptor, Maverick, Wicked Twister, Magnum XL, Blue Streak, Mean Streak, Power Tower, Corkscrew, and the super high swings of Windseeker (300-foot tall).

We felt especially blessed when we woke to rain on Saturday morning (our departure day). We had two and half days of excellent weather, delectable food (especially the boneless chicken wings at TGIFridays and amazing ice cream in the hotel's little ice cream shop), and memory-making fun. This trip will definitely be remembered as one of our best vacations ever. Thanks, Cedar Point, for a rocking-good time!

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