Saturday, June 18, 2011

Annual Fun at Indiana Beach

This year, we made our annual trek to Indiana Beach a bit earlier in the season (almost two weeks ago, in fact). We discovered that it was cheaper to purchase season passes than to pay for two days entrance. We were not disappointed. With each season pass purchase, they gave us a coupon booklet with a variety of valuable discounts off parking, food and games. This will enable me to spontaneously decide to make a day trip with the boys.

The younger boys were abuzz with excitement over all the rides they are now tall enough to ride. I was certain that Sean would chicken out when it came to riding the big roller coasters. Alas, I was wrong. I really wouldn't have minded if it had been the Corn Ball Express (it was closed both days), but he wanted to ride the Hoosier Hurricane (a large wooden roller coaster that shakes me up too much). Trevor rode several of the big rides all by himself (including the Steel Hawg, an upside down roller coaster).

Since temperatures were in the nineties, I even consented to riding the large log flume ride. We had a wonderful time on all the rides.

I can't say that my favorite part is the time at the beachfront, partly because I tend to fry in the sun, but the boys sure enjoy it. There is a splash zone, where they can run through the water.

Trevor, always one to pick up trash (treasures) from the ground, picked up a pair of stray glasses and posed for the camera. Nutball!

John is planning a trip to Holiday World in July (we've never been, despite many hearty recommendations), but I think Indiana Beach is just my speed. It is fairly quiet (during weekdays) and you can ride without spending too much time standing in line. The rides aren't too death-defying.

My only complaint would be that the park continues to grow more commercialized every year. I wish they would return to allowing picnic lunches to be brought into the park (especially in these times of economic decline) or providing more fruits and vegetables for purchase within the park (the boys end up eating fries, corn dogs and burgers). Still, they maintain that convenient option of merely walking through the park without riding or swimming (a real plus during the years when I was pregnant). All in all, our family loves a good trip to Indiana Beach!


Amy Sorensen said...

Our local water park does the same thing with not letting you bring a picnic lunch in with you. That's about the same time I stopped by an annual pass. It just makes the day tooooo expensive and I hate spending all that money on crappy food.

Wendy said...

Amy - I agree. I would be happy if they only added the option of purchasing fruit and yogurt for $1 each. Those who want to eat junk food all day, could still purchase the overpriced fare, but a cheaper, healthier option would be available.