Friday, June 24, 2011

Nature Camp

Last Saturday morning, Bryce left for The Salvation Army's Indiana Divisional Music Camp. It thrills me to no end that he has been able to attend this for the past three years. I have so many wonderful memories of my music camp years. It is intensely satisfying to see him long for camp like I did.

I have been surprised by how intensely I have missed him this week. The little boys say that they don't miss him, but sometime around Wednesday or Thursday, they began talking about a Nature Camp. Trevor asserted that they were going to have Nature Camp from 1 to 4 on Friday afternoon. He planned to teach Sean all about nature.

This morning, as they were bouncing on the trampoline, it began to rain. I allowed them to stay out, but grumbled loud and long when it was time for them to come in. They didn't grumble. It was me grumbling. I can't stand the mess of wet clothes and grass and mud.

So, after lunch, I really wanted to tell them that nature camp was cancelled due to bad weather in the morning. Alas, Dad told them they could go out. I was washing the lunch dishes when I looked out and saw the most adorable sight ever. Trevor and Sean were walking along, with walking sticks in hand and backpacks on their backs, searching for rocks and sticks and leaves.

Get a load of how they're dressed for their outing. Attractive, no?

Now, I have more dirty clothes to wash. I also have a garage utility counter covered with items from nature. Trevor explained how many points the different items were worth. To see the two of them enjoying each other and the great outdoors is worth a whole pile of laundry to me!

Besides, even more laundry will be arriving tomorrow when Bryce returns home from camp. With boys comes endless laundry!

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