Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Review: Same Kind of Different as Me

This is the true story of an unlikely friendship that developed between an international art dealer and a homeless man. It is told in alternating voices. Ron Hall tells of his humble background and his rise in fortune as he pursued his job as an art dealer. It is his wife who encourages him to meet and befriend, Denver Moore. She feels led of the Lord to begin ministering at the local homeless shelter and sees a clear vision of a man who will change the city. When Denver storms in, threatening to kill whoever stole his shoes, she nudges her husband to let him know that this is the man from her vision.

Although Ron is skeptical, his devotion to his wife propels him to pursue a friendship. However, Denver is not an easy mark. At first, he will not have anything to do with them. When the question of friendship is finally broached, Denver asserts that he must think about it a while. He agrees to be Ron's friend on the condition that Ron promise it will not be a "catch-and-release" deal, much like the crazy practice Denver says white men use when fishing.

This is an outstanding story. It is both humbling and inspiring. What I wouldn't give for a friendship as strong and true as the one Ron Hall and Denver Moore share! What I wouldn't give for the clear, life-fulfilling, vision Deborah Hall experienced!

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