Sunday, September 4, 2011

For the Birds

For Christmas, I received this Duncraft Cardinal Classic Window Bird Feeder:

A few months ago, I finally mounted it on our living room window, facing the patio near our bird bath. Unfortunately, not a bird would come near it. So ... we moved it to the window in our dining room (near a secluded corner where birds are often seen). Still, nary a taker. So ... we moved it again to a window on our porch. To this day, I haven't seen a single bird eat from it. Hmph!

Sensing my frustration, my thoughtful husband ran out to purchase another bird feeder. He hung it in a tree outside the dining room window (near that same corner). For a week, we saw nothing. We attributed it to the presence of a large hawk.

Perhaps the hawk has finally moved on. The birds are beginning to avail themselves of the hanging black birdfeeder (still no window diners). I tried to capture some photos of the spectacle with my point and shoot camera:

Alas, this camera is "for the birds." Well, it is (according to idiom) and it isn't (really). It captures sons far better than birds.

Ah well, there's not a chance in the world that a photographer of negligible talent, like myself, will be getting an expense camera with a telephoto lens. So, if any of you talented photographer friends of mine want to come visit and capture these treasured moments, you're welcome.

Addendum: We finally saw birds at the window feeder. I tried to snap a photo, but little success so far (oh for a friend to come photograph these beauties). Plus, a huge owl came up and landed on the branch right outside the window near the feeders. It was too dark to see clearly or hope to snap a photo, but it was amazing, nonetheless!


Elizabeth A. said...

I bought the big 40 lb box of bird seed at Sam's, and the birds here go crazy over it. But that maybe because I live in the city and they don't have the bounty as they might at your house.

Wendy said...

Liz - I do think the presence of the hawk curtailed some involvement. I'm hoping for a whole lot more bird watching. It is a calming pasttime.