Friday, January 24, 2014

Book Review: Lunch Money

I have long been a fan of Andrew Clements' books.  My oldest son and I discovered the Jake Drake series back when he was in first or second grade. I remember bringing a few of those books along and reading them at bedtime when we were at our annual family camp, CBLI. Then, I remember discovering his hilarious picture book, Double Trouble in Walla Walla, an absolute joy to read aloud. Last year, I read Frindle to the little boys. So, when I was searching for books on CD for my middle son to listen to while walking on our treadmill, I snatched up this book, Lunch Money.  In the end, Trevor selected Gregor the Overlander, but I ended up listening to this book while I walked on the treadmill and now have plans to share it with the boys before it is due back to the library, because I know it is an absolutely perfect selection for my youngest son, who is wild about money.

Greg Kenton, like my youngest, has always been aware of and interested in money. He loves to earn it, keep track of it, save it, and spend it (although my youngest is more likely to save it than to spend it, thankfully). One day, he notices how many kids in his school have extra quarters with them to spend on treats for lunch. He decides this is the perfect opportunity for him to make a fortune. He begins selling hand-made comic books to his peers. But, he hits a few snags along the way, first in the form of a pesky neighbor who seems to have stolen his idea and is selling her own comics, then in the form of a principal who believes that school is no place for kids to be buying and selling things.

I loved the relationship between Greg and Maura (his competition). I loved how they both thought things through and resolved their conflicts. I loved the initiative shown in the story. It was just a delightful tale and one I am sure will greatly appeal to my boys. I am thankful for a strong male protagonist and a good story to keep a reader's interest. Once again, Andrew Clements has scored a hit in my book!

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