Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book Review: Strawberry Shortcake Murder

Sometimes you're just in the mood for a light-hearted little murder mystery. Joanne Fluke, author of the Hannah Swensen mysteries, delivers not only delightful mysteries, but also delicious recipes in her books. Strawberry Shortcake Murder is the second book in the series and I always feel compelled to tackle books in their proper order.

Hannah Swensen is an unlikely super-sleuth. As owner of The Cookie Jar, she is excited when a flour company decides to locate their annual dessert bake-off in the little town of Lake Eden, Minnesota, and to introduce each segment on the air with one of Hannah's creations. But everyone is shocked when one of the judges, turns up dead. Hannah can't help but get involved in the investigation, even though she has been told to leave it to the "professionals." There are a slew of possible suspects, from the battered wife to the contestants who may have been offended by the judge's harsh criticism, but Hannah doggedly pursues the clues to unravel the mystery.

The recipes all sounded tasty and I just might have to try the final one in the book, a cookie called "Chocolate Highlander Cookie Bars." The bars have a shortbread crust with a dark chocolate topping and I can't wait to give the recipe a whirl. Of course, I'm grateful for all the extra little tips and hints Joanne Fluke provides in the outlines of her dessert recipes. I already have the third book waiting in audio form, and can't wait to see the next serving of recipes I'll encounter.

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