Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Review: Museum of Thieves

In Museum of Thieves, the reader is introduced to the unusual city of Jewel, where the children are chained to adults until they are old enough for their Separation Day, when their cords are snipped off. The oppression is made more severe by the spiteful mannerisms of the Blessed Guardians. Goldie Roth is in punishment chains because of her impatience. Therefore, it is no surprise when she grabs the scissors, snips her cord and bolts after learning that her Separation Day is being cancelled because evil is afoot. Goldie flees to the safest place she can find, the Museum of Dent. The museum is a strange place with shifting walls and passageways. It is said that only thieves can manage to navigate the museum and Goldie has the knack. But the Blessed Guardians are determined to find her and begin trying to nail down the walls.

The concept was interesting, but just didn't rope me in. I'd say it was a better than fair read, but far from engrossing. It is apparently the first in a series. I'm not interested enough to seek out the next book in the series, City of Fears.

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