Saturday, June 14, 2014

Book Review: Shopaholic & Baby

If anyone can get me chuckling over a book, it's Sophie Kinsella. This book was a delight. It has been quite a while since I've read the previous books in her Shopaholic series, but the character of Becky Bloomwood was clearly still as dynamic and hilarious as ever.  I read it while the boys were at open swim at the high school and while Sean was at his daily one hour basketball camp this week. I didn't mind breaking into stifled giggles while in a room full of other people because the book was just too funny to restrain myself.

Becky Bloomwood Brandon is expecting and couldn't be happier, that is until she discovers news of the "It-obstetrician" to the stars, whom she just must have. Despite her husband's objections, she schedules an appointment to meet with Dr. Venetia Carter. Somehow Luke no longer drags his heels when they meet and he realizes she is a former girlfriend. Although, Luke and Venetia are quite chummy as they reunite, Becky cannot decide whether she has cause to worry or not.

She manages to get herself in and out of typical Becky Bloomwood fixes with finesse and humor (like bribing the owner of a home she wants with a pair of coveted boots, purchasing way too many prams, accidentally leading people to believe she's had her infant stolen from the pram and then accidentally leading people to believe she's gone into labor when she hasn't). She ends up hiring a private detective to follow her husband, then calls off the surveillance when she is convinced she has made the wrong move (also discovering that they followed the wrong man - her husband's business partner). Over and over again, her ability to shop her way into better spirits shines through.

I laughed out loud too many times to count. For example, I loved it when she flippantly told her horrid mother-in-law that they were considering the names Armageddon for a boy and Pomegranate for a girl. Ha! I'm now anxious to secure the next book in the series, Mini Shopaholic. I can't wait for further humor and light-hearted fun.

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