Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Book Review: What a Son Needs from His Mom

Published by Bethany House Publishers, Cheri Fuller's, What a Son Needs from His Mom, is a quick and easy Christian parenting read. With chapters on encouraging, building confidence, developing character, overcoming fears, managing emotions, nurturing faith, and staying connected, this little book reminds parents of the very special importance of the bond between mothers and their sons. Who we are, in relation to our boys, plays a large role in who they will become. Of course, every mother wants her son to flourish and succeed. This book is a gentle reminder of the elements we should focus on to nurture the very best from our male offspring.

I can't say that I learned anything new from this book. She references many of the books about raising boys which I've already read. Still, if you are passionate about being a positive influence in your sons' lives, then you will always welcome more insights into how to best go about growing them into the young men you desire to see them become. Given that it is such a simple read, it can't hurt to give it a whirl. I think I'd be even more interested in a title listed at the back of the book, What Your Son Isn't Telling You, by Michael Ross and Susie Shellenberger, offering "a rare glimpse into the secret lives of teen boys."

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