Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Review: Emma's Wish

There are any number of ways for a writer to get the creative juices flowing. Back when I belonged to a writer's group in Illinois, we had a member who always used props to motivate and guide her writing. She crafted little stories for her grandchildren from the stepping stones of little characters and knick-knacks she could tangibly touch. Another member of my writer's group, Anne Peterson, took her inspiration for this beautiful little children's book, Emma's Wish, (aimed at ages 8-12) from the illustrations provided by her artistic daughter, Jessica. Working from the art, Anne has crafted a simple little story that tugs at the heart strings and opens eyes to a world unseen.

I cannot rave enough about the hauntingly beautiful illustrations in this book. I read the book in digital format, but would have loved to have had the actual illustrations in hand while reading this simple tale. The story showcases the art in a beautiful way and the art is magnificent!

Emma's story engages all of the senses. It is the tale of a young girl who meets a difficult challenge and mystically receives encouragement from the moon. I love how the color bursts into the illustrations after Emma's crisis. It is as if she is given a new, more glorious way of seeing. This touching tale will encourage all readers, young and old.

The book launches today (with a one day sale in Kindle format for only 99 cents). If you are looking for a children's book with outstanding art, look no further. Here is a trailer promoting the book (gives you a good feel for the illustrations in the book):

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