Thursday, September 18, 2014

Posted for Me?

I was gobsmacked the other morning when I logged onto Facebook and saw that Bryce had updated his profile picture:

After thinking about it for much of the morning, I triumphantly explained my wonder to John. "He must have done it for me!" I asserted. "He hasn't updated his profile on Facebook since he took a junior high picture. He told me that none of his friends are even on Facebook anymore, preferring to use Instagram. He posted that picture JUST FOR ME!"

Later that afternoon, I received an email from Bryce asking if I could pick him up on Friday night after the initiation for a Fraternity that he has been accepted into. It is Madisyn's birthday and he wants to get home in time to deliver flowers to her before the evening is over. A short while later, he sent another e-mail briefly declaring "that's why I updated my Facebook profile because most of the information for the Fraternity events will be posted on their Facebook page and I will need to keep up with it."

HA! So much for my idea that he posted the photo specifically for me! Delusions of grandeur!

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