Friday, September 12, 2014

Trevor's Recent Art

Poor Trevor is such a boy of fits and passions. For so long, he was completely absorbed in art. He started his own blog and posted things there from time to time. Alas, his blog has been silent for far too long and his followers have dwindled to one (which is neither his mother or grandparent, I should say - but one faithful art enthusiast). He barely thinks of art these days but is more preoccupied with the Jordan's shoes he wants for his birthday (Jays, so he says they're called) and fast cars he thinks are cool.

In cleaning the living room today, I happened upon three drawings he's done recently and thought I would post them. I'd suggest he put them on his blog, but I doubt he'd bite. We shall see.

I love this first one. He said he wanted to put it up on the refrigerator with a small round magnet so that it would look like the guy was hanging.

Then there's a picture of a Lamborghini:

And some other hot car:

I hope he doesn't just abandon his art, the way Bryce has abandoned his drums (doesn't even play them on the weekends when he's home ... and yes, he's been home every weekend since he started at Purdue. He comes to see his girlfriend, not us or his drum set!).

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