Sunday, December 28, 2014

Book Review: Little Fish

Little Fish by Ramsey Beyer pulled me in for three different reasons: 1) it is a YA book; 2) it is a memoir; and 3) it is about a young girl's first year away from home at a big-city art school. My niece recently shared the news that she was accepted into the Art Institute of Chicago. She acted like it was no big deal, but I'm pretty sure that is a big deal. I wanted to check out this book to see if I might want to recommend it to her.

Ramsey Beyer grew up in a very small Michigan town and leaves to attend art school in Baltimore. She chronicles her adventure, highlighting who she is and where she comes from, as well as her impressions of the changes occurring in her life. She meets and makes new friends.

It was a quick and easy read, if a little boring at times. The list-making (a trademark activity for the author) sometimes bogged the story line down instead of enhancing it. Still, it was a fairly interesting story of growing up and facing new challenges. I do think my niece might enjoy it as she is departing from a small town, headed for the big city and the specific challenges of art school (criticism, endless projects, demands for constant creativity). Being a graphic memoir, it should make for quick reading even if she decides she doesn't like the book.

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