Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Book Review: Promise Me

Richard Paul Evans knows how to nail a great Christmas story. He has done it again in this brief novella, Promise Me. I'm so glad I selected two audio books to listen to during the holidays (since my first choice left me somewhat disappointed). This was a beautiful story of love. similar in flavor to The Time Traveller's Wife.

On Christmas Eve of 2008, Beth Cardall is finally going to share a secret she has carried for eighteen years. The story fades back to the year 1989, a horrible year for Beth when her daughter was stricken with a perplexing illness, her marriage was falling apart at the seams, her job was threatened and her ability to hope and trust had been completely maxed out. Then on Christmas day, she bumps into a strange man in the 7-Eleven, and her life changes course in ways she could never have imagined. He knows things about her that he cannot possibly know. He draws her in and weaves his way into her life, altering things permanently.

Spoiler alert - There were a few things I found uncomfortable: the likelihood of a betrayed woman plunging into a new relationship so quickly on the heels of her failed marriage, the idea of a mother pursuing a relationship, while knowing full well that the man will one day belong to her daughter, and the use of inside information to play the gambling games and win a fortune. Still, I was fully sucked into the story and the air of romance and longing. The seams were tied up nicely and I did really enjoy the tale. It was a wonderful holiday read.

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