Friday, February 12, 2016

A Ring Story

My blogging friend, Amy, recently posted a photo of her wedding ring because a library patron had complimented her on it and she was struck again by how much she adores her ring. I have to say, I love my rings. Yes, you read that right. Rings - I have two sets of wedding rings.

When my husband was preparing to propose to me, he asked if he should give me the ring his ex-fiancee had picked out at a ritzy Chicago jewelry store or if he should get me my own ring. Worried I might throw it back in his face someday ("You couldn't even get me my own ring but had to give me a castoff ring!"), I told him I wanted my own ring, but allowed him to pick it and surprise me (only telling him that I liked her ring quite a bit). He went ahead and bought me one and presented it to me on the night he proposed. Even though I loved it, eventually I simply took to wearing his ex-fiancee's ring because I like it more. I love the bypass pattern of diamonds on each side of the solitaire.

Sadly, about six months ago, I began to notice that I could barely get her rings off my finger (okay, I know they're not HER rings - they are MY rings - her loss). Worried that I might be unable to remove them at all one day, I took them off and began wearing an amethyst ring I used to wear on my right hand. I'm a no-nonsense kind of girl, with very simple taste and it didn't bother me that I wore something other than a wedding ring on my left ring finger.

However, three weeks ago, I decided to join a Bible Study Fellowship class again (after having put in three years of study with BSF back when Bryce was in preschool and kindergarten). When it came to meeting the new women in the study, I began to feel naked about the absence of my wedding rings. I took the rings to a jeweler to see how much it would cost to re-size them, but it was going to be $100 and for that, I'd rather diet and lose the weight - ha! In a burst of inspiration, I realized perhaps my own ring and band would fit better than the preferred set. Alas, I could not find them.

I tore apart my room. I'm known for my clutter and my disorganization and it certainly wasn't the first time I had lost something of importance. I couldn't bear to tell John that the rings were missing. I mentioned the loss to Trevor and asked him to pray. Every day he would come home from school and ask if I had found them. I went through every ring box in my jewelry drawer. I scoured the dresser drawers. It had to be there. I always used to keep them in a glass ring box on my dresser. It was completely mystifying and very unsettling.

Then, last week, I went to take Bryce's girlfriend, Madisyn, out for lunch. I asked if I could take a twenty from John's wallet and when I went to get the cash, I noticed my rings in his valet box. Relief flooded over me. When I asked John why the rings were in his valet, he explained that I had put them there when I purchased the amethyst ring because I said I was afraid I might lose them if I left them in my glass ring box on the dresser top. Am I brain dead, or what?

So, I mentioned the lost rings on Amy's post and posted this photo of my rings:

The ex-fiancee set is on the left and my own set is on the right. I was thrilled when one of Amy's followers said "Both are classy!" I don't think of myself as a classy kind of girl. I'm simple. But, it felt good that someone else identified my jewelry as "classy." Just like Amy, I still love my wedding rings and can't help but glow when someone else admires them, too.

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