Sunday, February 28, 2016


Ouchie-Vespouchie! Don't ask me where that saying came from, but I was yelling that and plenty more on Friday when I stubbed my toe smack into the door. I had placed a small pizza in the oven for Trevor's after-school snack and forgotten to set the timer. When John called out from the kitchen to ask about it, I jumped up far too quickly and with dogged determination headed out of Bryce's room (where I tend to work during the week on my novel revision). The pain was searing! I'm still not sure whether it is broken or not. I'm fine as long as I keep it still.

(For the story on why I have no toenail on the big toe, click here.)

My poor traumatized feet! Being the pain-avoidant person that I am, I am dreading a possible visit to the doctor if it doesn't improve by Monday. Even the thought of having it splinted to the neighboring toe makes me wince. Several years back, I went to the podiatrist for a toe injury to my littlest toe (having stubbed it on the bottom of our table leg). I seem to recall that there is not much they can do for broken toes.

Of course, this is no help to my efforts to drop ten to twenty pounds. When I walk on the treadmill now, I can manage as long as I reduce the speed to 3 miles per hour (I usually do 3.5) and walk with a bit of a hobble to avoid putting my full weight on that middle toe. I am determined not to slack off on the exercise. If it were only for desired weight gain, I would take a few days off, but it feels far more serious than that.

When I went for a follow-up appointment on my antidepressant meds, the doctor this time requested a fasting lipid test. Seven years ago, I had been placed on a statin for high cholesterol, but had taken myself off the medicine because I simply didn't like the idea of long-term statin use. I promised to keep control of it with diet, but in the past year those efforts have gone by the wayside and I've put on several pounds (thus the non-fitting rings). Now, in fear of the imminent test, I have set a goal of losing the weight before I go to fill the lab order (hopefully, the doctor will be willing to wait for the results for over a month). What a disappointment to have to reduce my mileage and calorie burn level on the treadmill work! Hopefully, the toe will heal and I can get back to my 3 mile walks at 3.5 mph soon.

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