Saturday, February 20, 2016

Book Review: The Marriage Wish

I've read one or two other books by the Christian author, Dee Henderson, so when I noticed this one on the shelves of our library book store, I decided to purchase it. I only discovered after reading The Marriage Wish that it was the very first book she ever published. I think I appreciated the other books I read more, but this was a quick and easy read and great for reading on our family trip to the water park.

Scott Williams blows out the 38 candles on his birthday cake and makes a silent wish to find a woman to marry. Not long after, he runs into Jennifer St. James as she is strolling on the beach near his house. Jennifer's face is bruised and Scott assumes she is the victim of domestic violence. Through time, he discovers that he misread her and that she is really reeling from the recent deaths of her husband and infant daughter. Can she learn to love again? Can Scott be patient as she works through her grief? Will the two end up together despite the odds against them?

The story was of average interest. It was a simple romance and an easy tale to read. The only thing I found bothersome was the frequent use of first names cluttering the dialogue. Here's a sample from two pages in the book:

"Relax, Jennifer..."
"Stop that, Jennifer..."
"Please, Jennifer..."
"Thank you, Scott..."
"Jennifer, what happened today?..."
"Why, Jennifer?..."
"Scott, there is a great deal you don't know about me..."
"Are you okay, Jennifer?..."
"He's my Father, Scott..."
"Jennifer, do you want to talk about the issues?..."
"Thank you, Scott..."
"It's an open offer, Jennifer..."
"Thank you, Scott..."
"That's what friends are for, Jennifer..."
"No, Scott ... She's your sister, Scott."

It was a bit like watching a ping-pong match when each character was identified by name over and over. But, other than that (and a bit of head-hopping in perspectives in the middle of a scene), it was a fairly decent read and kept my interest throughout the telling. This author has gone on to write many further novels, including several series of thrillers. She is considered a "#1 CBA Bestselling Author," as the cover proclaims. Early efforts aside, she's proven her ability to weave a good story.

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