Friday, September 2, 2016

Book Review: Love You More

In my search for another audio book, I discovered Lisa Gardner's thriller, Love You More. I was so intrigued by the first several riveting chapters that I decided to search up the titles of this author's other books to see if I had read anything else by her.  It turned out that I hadn't, but in the process of checking, I discovered other books with these same characters, so I had a heads up that somewhat ruined the climax of the story for me. I will attempt to write this review without ruining it for any of my readers.

Love You More opens with state trooper Tessa Leoni faced with the simple question "who do you love?" and seconds later, her husband lies dead on the floor. Tessa's fingerprints are on the gun and she is a beaten-up, bruised mess. But the biggest question of all surrounds the whereabouts of her six-year-old daughter, Sophie. Detective D.D. Warren is determined to put all the pieces together and find the daughter or reclaim her body. Did Tessa shoot her husband in self-defense? Did she also murder her daughter and hide the remains? Can she race against time to reclaim what is hers and clear her name? Or is she a bad cop with a history of previous murder?

With twists and turns and unexpected trails, this first-rate thriller is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering who exactly is the bad guy and whether or not that person will come to justice. Add in the tension Detective Warren feels because she has just discovered her own pregnancy and you get a feel for the emotional tug of the story. Parental love is a powerful force and Tessa Leoni refuses to go down quietly. I will happily seek out more thrillers from this author (although I will have to be careful when listening because it did contain a fair amount of foul language - but then, my library only has three other books in audio version of the ten books in the D.D. Warren series).

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