Thursday, September 8, 2016

Weekend Wedding in Wisconsin

My oldest brother and his wife have three children. They are each really special individuals. They are godly, good-looking, and great catches, all. Two of them, the girls, have recently been "caught." Both the oldest and youngest got engaged since last Christmas. It felt like a long time coming because they both were in serious relationships for many years. We couldn't be happier with their choices. Over Labor Day weekend, the oldest tied the knot at our favorite camp in Wisconsin (where we go every year for our annual Bible camp). Kirsten and Keith's wedding was a beautiful event and such a great opportunity to be reunited with family and friends from all over.

This was one of the two adorable flower girls (Wendy Joy) who dropped petals on the white runner before Kirsten's grand entrance.

We were overjoyed that Bryce agreed to come along for the trip up north. I think the cousins really had a lot of fun together. In between the wedding and reception (once our extended family photo was out of the way) there were games set up on the grass and the boys played several games of corn hole with their cousins. For the reception, there were assigned seats and Trevor was thrilled to have been assigned to the table with the older cousins (while Sean sat with us and my brother and his wife and three of their children). Apparently Trevor was quite a hoot, talking on and on about the cake and when were they going to be allowed to cut it and eat it. Plus, he kept dabbing (as evidenced in the last group shot here):

Here's a shot of my husband laughing as my younger brother, Tim, cut the cake at our table:

The photographers set up a photo booth and took photos throughout the time of the reception, so at one point all the cousins (minus the three in the wedding party and two who could not come because of school commitments) crowded in for a group shot:

Then, my sister wanted me and my siblings to pose for a photo with my parents (a bit of a side angle, but if it turns out I might purchase the straight on shot the photographers took):

By 8:30 (which was 9:30 to our Eastern time zone bodies), the boys were beat and wanted to go to our hotel, so we left before the final event, the sparkler send off (the father and mother of the bride):

What a blessing it was to participate in this holy ceremony. Best of blessings on the marriage of Kirsten and Keith:

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