Thursday, September 29, 2016

Book Review: The Vanishing Violin

While waiting for my turn for the audio version of Truly, Madly, Guilty (by Liane Moriarty), I checked out this second book in the Red Blazer Girls series, The Vanishing Violin, by Michael D. Beil. Since Moriarty's audio book will be hefty, at 14 CDs (17 hours), it was nice to listen to a quick and easy tween book. Beil does an excellent job of peppering his books with puzzles and clues until finally the mystery is solved.

The back cover entices with an alliterative sentence: "Friendship and forensics form a fun and fast-paced mix as the girl detectives find, figure and finagle their way through another mystery." The mystery involves a stolen violin. While the girls seek to help the violin shop owner reclaim his stolen merchandise, they are also sent a mysterious set of clues to unravel, are set-up by a devious classmate (and seek their revenge), and are enticed into new relationships. In addition, the girls decide to form a band and perform an original number.

While the clues would certainly be easier to ferret out if I were able to look at them instead of simply hear them, I still enjoy listening to these light-hearted mysteries. The characters are delightful. The plot moves quickly and logically. Moreover, the mysteries are always tied up nicely at the end. I didn't notice any foul language this time around, so those naysayers from the first book should give this second one a try. Tweens who love mysteries will certainly enjoy these prep-school sleuths.   I'll have to read the third book on my own, since our library doesn't have any more audio books for this series. I even noticed that the author has written a mystery with apparent boy-appeal called Lantern Sam and the Blue-Streak Bandits. I plan to search that out, as well.

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