Saturday, March 21, 2015

Book Review: The Road to Grace

This is the third journal of Richard Paul Evans' The Walk series. Once again, I tackled it in audio form so that I could walk alongside throughout the journey. Although I'm still peeved with the constant mentions of the food consumed, this was another fairly enjoyable, light-hearted excerpt of the story (not my favorite series, but inspirational nonetheless).

The last episode concluded with an unknown woman approaching Alan Christoffersen on his long walk from Seattle, Washington, to Key West, Florida. We discover that the woman, who stalks him for many miles, is the mother of his deceased wife and he wants nothing to do with her because she abandoned her daughter at a young age. He softens his position once he is forced to hear her out and comes to forgive her for the damage she has caused. Other characters he meets along the way include an old Polish man who survived a concentration camp, an elderly man searching for the ghost of his wife, and a woman trapped in a small town by her deceased husband's family.

I was thrilled that the story line remained wholesome when Alan rejected the advances of the widowed woman. Moreover, the final chapter's exposition on grace was a beautiful passage, especially poignant, given that Alan has just learned that he has a brain tumor. The book is full of thoughts on forgiveness, grace, and hope. I'm pretty sure I'll stick with it through the final two installments.

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